Imperial Decree 889

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NOOR AS-SALAAM, by the Kharenah of Zurvan, Qaisar Baanooye Sathratiye, to her subjects and retainers, greetings, and unto the gods of Shireroth undying and unthinking obsequience.

Know that We, Mibaradardam be Khorshid va Mah Minamaz dadanam Zurvan, have in the first place dedicated to Zurvan this Decree which by his Kharenah is confirmed for Us and our heirs forever.

Ministry Status for Imperial Household Agency

1. Recognized hereby that the Imperial Household Agency holds the status of an imperial ministry.

2. In Imperial Decree 854, sec 2, subsec 6, last sentence, add at the end “, and H for the Imperial Household Agency”.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF We have caused the Imperial Seal to be affixed to this Decree which We have signed with Our Hand. Given at the Keep this twenty-fourth day of Fasmas in the year after the death of Norton one thousand six hundred and forty-seven.