Imperial Decree 831

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IMPERIAL DECREE 831: Mango Scalable Reaction Index

Dominus Thorgils Tarjeisson Ettlingar Verion, by the weaving of the Norns, Kaiser, Arandur of Alalehzamin and Utasia and Count of Ran, to his subjects and retainers, greetings, and unto the Gods of Shireroth undying and unthinking obsequience.

Know that we, in the name of all the Rightly-Guided Incarnations of the Holy Wisdom of the Ultimate Oneness of the Cosmos, have in the first place granted to the Highest Divinity, this Ordinance which is confirmed for us and our heirs forever.

1. For the purpose of clarification, the Imperial Republic's response to adversely impacting actions by foreign powers will be scalable according to the Mango Scalable Reaction Index (Patent pending), set out in Schedule 1 to this decree, where the increment of positive numbers indicates an active, escalating to kinetic, response and the negative scale indicates the countervailing equivalent steps of passive-aggressive rejection;

2. It shall be the policy of the Imperial Government to notify its interlocutor of each incremental step in either direction and to give them the opportunity to ameliorate their stance accordingly;

3. The policy of the Imperial Government, believing in the overall benefit of maintaining a shared narrative continuity, is to not progress above +8 or below -3 unless all other avenues for conflict resolution through dialogue or structuring through recwar have been exhausted.

4. You may blame Minarboria for giving me this idea.

Dominus Thorgils Tarjeisson Ettlingar Verion

So sealed, and signed by my hand at the Palace of the Whales in Walstadt, on this Hasanday the 27th of Vanchauslurk, in the six-thousandth three-hundred and sixteenth year ab sectora condita, corresponding to Izillare the 20th of Elroqpinu in the year Sixteen Forty-Two Anno Norton, in the Hour of the Sulking Hound.

SCHEDULE 1: Mango Scalable Reaction Index

10 - Applied Eschatology (Cease and Decease)

9 - Disproportionate retaliation

8 - Proportionate retaliation

7 - Limited retaliation

6 - Counter-espionage

5 - Counter-propaganda

4 - Coalition building

3 - "Démarche" (Cease and Desist)

2 - Letter of protest

1 - "Note Verbale"

0 - Baseline (Peaceful coexistence within a mutually agreed geopolitical fictional construct; no retaliation required.)

-1 - Dragonsfold Gaol (A once in a lifetime opportunity to spend the rest of your lifetime studying the dubious aesthetic of Vanic Art)

-2 -Mk 1 "Mo'llifier" Narrative Coercion Countermeasure System (The Provocation is idiotic and requires a comprehensive rewrite before it is even considered)

-3 - Narrativity Implosion Devices (The Provocation is incompatible with the current conception of reality and will be expunged, along with anyone caught in the blast radius)

-4 - "Mona Mortensen"

-5 - Walled Garden, Hermit Kingdom

-6 - Non-Attention Policy

-7 - Withdrawal from common micronational institutions

-8 - Withdrawal from Bastion Union

-9 - Withdrawal from Micras

-10 - The Zand Gozar Protocol (Ascension to a different plane of existence via self-inflicted Applied Eschatology)