Imperial Decree 449

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Posted by Kaiser Mors VI, Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:51 pm

Imperial Decree #449: Declaration of Hurmu


WE, MORS THE SIXTH, Kaiser of Shireroth, and DANIEL FAREWELL KALIRION, Valdi of Hurmu, unto all and sundry whom these presents shall come and concern, do extend our greetings!

We have spoken with one and another on the matter of the current state of affairs of Hurmu. We are saddened with them, but we respectfully acknowledge that Hurmu cannot continue as more than a cherished memory in all of us. Following the advice we have been given, in Shireroth by the Imperial Advisory Council and in Hurmu by the Diet, we have come to realize that the death of Hurmu is imminent due to Hurmu not having a sustainable population; its people scattered all across the face of the earth. In consequence thereof we have reached the following articles of agreement:

Acknowledging the identity of Daniel Farewell Kalirion to be Richard Lyon of Sweden, empowered by the Treaty of Association and Friendship between the Imperial Republic of Shireroth and Hurmu to represent Hurmu with negotiations regarding the state of Hurmu and the said Treaty, that said Treaty is hereby repealed, subject to the conditions put forward in this Treaty of Settlement on the Territory and Holdings of Hurmu.

The Kaiser of Shireroth renounces, on behalf of himself, his legal heirs and successors and the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, all title, right and claim to Hurmu.

Daniel Farewell Kalirion agrees to place Hurmu and its electronic holdings in the care of the Apollo Foundation, if the Apollo Foundation so agrees.

The territory of Hurmu is to be cleared and its cities and towns be marked as ruins on the map of the Micronational Cartography Society. While it is to be decided by the Micronational Cartography Society, we, the parties to this Treaty, deem it desirable that the former territory of Hurmu not should be used for the territorial expansion of already existing States on Micras, but for the usage of new lands, states and nations, for them to populate the lands of the lakes and the land by the River Glacei, the former Lontinien.

We, the undersigned, do hereby declare that this Treaty enters force upon the ratification of the Kaiser of Shireroth and the Declaration of Death of Hurmu by Daniel Farewell Kalirion and the overt notification of both persons to the Micronational Cartography Society.

Done at Shirekeep, 3883 ASC.

Mors VI,
Kaiser of Shireroth