Imperial Decree 295

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Made by Ardashir Khan.

Imperial Decree 295

In the name of Kaiser Ayreon I, and by his authority, I decree the following:

1. There shall be established in the County of Lower Lunaris a SDI Facility and space port for MoMA initiated pan-Atos Strategic Defence related initiatives.

2. This space port shall be known as "Novaya Sorensk" and shall be open to the co-location of commercial ventures subject to the appropriate licencing.

3. Krasniy Yastreb, Comrade Count of Lower Lunaris, shall be appointed as pro-interim Director MoMA SDI Facility Novaya Sorensk, should he chose to accept the post. His first action shall be to investigate the potential for rediscovering the lore of the Zemlyan space programme and its scope for integration into SDI.