Imperial Decree 1017

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MIRA, Steward of the Imperial Republic, Count Palatine of Kezan and Khanum of Cabbagefall, gives praise to the Gods in the name of:

AYREON IV, by the Kharenah of Zurvan, Qaisar-e Sathratiye, who, by this Imperial Decree, gives unto his subjects and retainers, greetings, and unto the gods of Shireroth, undying and unthinking obsequience.

IMPERIAL DECREE 1017: Protection of At-Risk Labour

IN RECOGNITION OF the continued mistrust towards the Froyalanish population of the Imperial Republic despite their rehabilitation as community servants, the following is hereby ordered:

I: Definitions

§ 1. A person is classified as Froyalaner under the following criteria:
(a) one who migrated into the Imperial Republic with "High Realm of Stormark" listed as the country of origin;
(b) one who identified as "Froyalanish" in the Elwynnese Census of 1632;
(c) one who has been documented as willingly participating in Vanic rites;
(d) one who has at least one parent or at least two grandparents who qualify under the previous criteria.
§ 2. A person is classified as Partial Froyalaner if they have one grandparent maximum who qualifies as a Froyalaner and do not themselves qualify as Froyalaner.
§ 3. A person is classified as Suspected if there is suspicion that they qualify under the above definitions but there is insufficient documentation in their record.

II: Return and Compensation

§ 4. The Golden Mango Throne suspends any and all future transfer of care for community servants who are Froyalaner, Partial Froyalaner, or Suspected.
§ 5. Careholders for these community servants are directed to return them to their region's Lieutenant for the Golden Mango Throne as soon as practicable. They will be compensated by retaining a partial share of the fruits of the servant's labour or the monetary equivalent for the remainder of the contracted period.
§ 6. All Lieutenants for the Golden Mango Throne are directed to create a local office tasked with managing the community servants under direct management.
§ 7. Community servants who are Suspected are to be treated as equivalent to a Partial Froyalaner until their status is confirmed, either as Froyalaner or Partial Froyalaner or not. Lieutenants are directed to perform the research necessary to clarify their status.

III: New Living Arrangements

§ 8. Lieutenants shall designate sites for the construction of new worker colonies, which will be used to house the community servants being received under this decree.
§ 9. Requirements for a worker colony are as follows:
(a) space to house between 5 000 and 10 000;
(b) adequate labour facilities on site or in commuting distance;
(c) adequate source of water for the population size;
(d) functional distance to transportation facilities for the import of food, supplies, and raw materials and the export of finished materials.
§ 10. If the imperial estates under the jurisdiction of a Lieutenant is inadequate to fulfill requirements, they are authorized to purchase it.
§ 11. -
(a) Each worker colony is required to have the following officers assigned for its management by the supervising Lieutenant:
(i) manager and deputy manager — general oversight;
(ii) clerk — records and logistics;
(iii) surgeon — medical and hygiene; and
(iv) provost — security and discipline.(b) All officers and staff must be hired through the Crypteia to ensure adequate security clearance, training, and skill levels.
§ 12. Community servants of a colony may be assigned to supplement administrative and operational support needs.
§ 13. A person may be appointed manager of multiple colonies.
§ 14. Colony inhabitants shall be organized in the following manner:
(a) six work columns, comprising the total available labour force of the colony, and one administrative support column, comprising all inhabitants tasked with providing support services for maintaining the colony — divided into groups;
(b) groups, which are to be assigned tasks to fulfill and the vector through which support services are to be distributed — divided into teams;
(c) teams, which are to consist of all the persons necessary to complete an action that contributes to fulfilling the task as well as for housing and corrective action.
§ 15. Each organizing unit shall have designated leaders who will be responsible for maintaining the discipline and productivity of their unit.
§ 16. Construction of a new colony shall consist of an initial habitation of
(a) two worker columns responsible for construction of perimeter structures, internal roads, housing and support structures;
(b) two administrative support groups for supply distribution and for discipline;
(c) construction manager and staff (appointed and under authority of Lieutenant).

IV: Implementation

§ 17. -
(a) Suspension of transfers of care shall be implemented immediately upon issue of this decree.
(b) Lieutenants are required to have a fully-staffed office for receipt and resettlement by one month after the issue of this decree.
§ 18. -
(a) Lieutenants shall issue notification to their jurisdiction that their office is ready to process community servants.
(b) This notification is required to have a timetable for careholders in their jurisdiction to begin returning their designated community servants. The timetable must reasonably address matters of orderly receiving and transporting and avoid disruption of the transportation infrastructure.
(c) Careholders are required to comply with the timetable issued to them by their regional Lieutenant. Delays will result in reduction in the partial share that the careholder will receive as compensation.
§ 19. The Chamber of the Crypteia shall provide lists of qualified available personnel to each Lieutenant and shall begin a recruitment program to expand the pool of available personnel.

We have caused the Seal of Our Imperial Ministry to be affixed to this Decree which We have signed with Our Hand.

Given at Raynor's Keep on the eighteenth day of the thirteenth month in the year one thousand six hundred and fifty-nine in the year of our Norton.