EzBoard Attack

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The EzBoard Attack (also known as EzBug, EzHack, EzFucked, or EzPlague) was an attack on EzBoard's servers by a hacker, causing thousands of posts to be deleted. The attack destroyed a large amount of micronational work, effectively wiping out all "dead" micronations, destroying a large amount of history. Different micronations responded differently, for example the Solomonic Empire of Attera moved to phpBB, whilst the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg declared a state of emergency, lost virtually all threads at their forums (with none being recovered) and rebuilt following in the months following the event. Gotzborg didn't move to temporary forums, a temporary forum was created at the board and they operated from there for the month of June 2005.

The Attack could also be seen as the end-all be-all of inter-micronational board warfare. EzBoard has become extra vigilant against potential security risks, and so it is feared that the use of any modern form of Spam Cannon could result in possible macronational legal action (though such attacks have been considered outdated for some amount of time).

Shireroth lost a considerable amount of information in the attacks. The most common form of damage was threads retaining their initial post and then losing all of the the proceeding replies. Some damaged posts were restored, but the damage was palpable.