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A spam cannon is a device used to attack a message board, rendering it anywhere from difficult to clean up to impossible to use. The cannon, developed by the Republic of Blackrock was actually a website-based program that used three EzBoard logins to systemically create new threads on a forum of choice at an alarming speed. The idea is that the cannon would post hundreds or thousands of new threads in a short amount of time, causing old posts to be lost in the clutter or even deleted entirely due to EzBoard's limitations on maximum topics. The Spam Cannon was used in micronational warfare in the Apollo Sector several times. Blackrock used it on the Great Automatic People's Republic during hostilities. John Sager and Thomas Hubert used a spam cannon to destroy most of the records of the Union of Apollo States. John also used the weapon on the archives of the Flying Islands of Jasonia but had a change of heart and stopped the attack before anything was deleted. The terrorist group Anarchy21 used a similar weapon on Shireroth during the Battle of Chimmera. No Shirerothian data was lost in the attack. Mostly a weapon from the old Apollo era, the old Blackrock program is long gone and the threat and usage of spam cannons have become less of a problem due to EzBoard's security changes, most notably those that prevented making a certain number of posts to a board from a certain IP in a certain amount of time.

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