Elyssa Vandaveer

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Elyssa Vandaveer, also known as Elyssa van der Veer, was Countess of Wintergleam from 1575 to 1605. She was appointed Countess of Wintergleam by the Dutch of Kildare, since at the time Wintergleam was part of East Elwynn and had been incorporated into Kildare as the Thanedom of Elwynn.

Countess Elyssa proved to be quite the absentee countess, barely attending to the government of Wintergleam. Governing the County of Wintergleam largely fell, just like during the interregnum between her reign and that of Count Leo, to the Comital Council of Wintergleam. Her comital reign came to an end in 1605, after Elwynn had reunified with Shireroth in the year 1600, when during the days of the Coordinated State the Counties of Elwynn became entirely ceremonial and the countships associated with the aforesaid counties were abolished.