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Democracy is a system of government where all citizens are allowed to vote and participate in the government and law making process. While there are those that believe that Democracy is the greatest thing since sliced bread, this is not the prevailing view in Shireroth. While the nation was originally a Direct Democracy nation, under this system the nation went inactive.

Democracy was removed from the Shirithian system because it was the belief of Erik Mortis that during times of inactivity the nation would not be able to function under a democratic system. It was also his belief, from watching other nations, that Democracy was an unstable and inefficiant political system. This is why in later incarnations of Shireroth an all-powerful Kaiser was in effect.

However, Democracy was not completely removed from the Shirithian system of government, as it remains in the form of the Landsraad, which acts as the legislative body of Shireroth during times of activity. Although, the Landsraad may be a form of Democracy inside of Shireroth, it has only really proven that Democracy doesn't work after all.

On occasion some political idealists, such as Philip Locke have tried to force Democracy back onto the nation with little to no success.

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