The Provisional Constitution

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The Provisional Constitution along with The Articles of Creation were the most basic legal structures of the early Republic of Shireroth. Written at the time of Foundation, the Provisional Constitution's primary purpose seems to be to allow the young nation to grow without much trouble.

This is the full text of the Provisional Constitution:

Article I. Leadership

All leadership power shall be vested in the President. The President may delegate his authority out to whom ever he feels can manage it properly. The President may also revoke the powers that he has delegated at anytime.
Section I. Restrictions of the Leadership
Neither the President whom he/she delegates power to may not violate the Articles of Creation or violate the rights of the People outlined within the Bill of Rights.

Article II. Duration of this Constitution

This Provisional Constitution shall become null and void upon completion of a permanent Constitution. The Permanent constitution must pass by an 80% majority. This Provisional Constitution may also be revoked upon the population of this country reaching ten (10) citizens.

Article III. Revision

This Provisional Constitution may be revised by a 2/3-majority vote by all citizens upon the population reaching five (5) citizens.

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