Corey van der Sluijs

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Corey van der Sluijs is an American micronationalist and citizen of Shireroth and Gralus/Toketi. In his time in Shireroth, he has been count of McCallavre, Asantelian, Lesser Attera, and Eastern Absentia, Duke of Brookshire, Steward to several Kaisers, as well as Kaiser himself. He is founder of the Kingdom of Toketi, an ally of Shireroth's.

Corey van der Sluijs has been known in the micronational community under the names Cheese (having held the ranks Captain, Major, and President), Lyam conDoin, Liam conToketi, Duncan conToketi, Kasuga Koreyasu, Kobayashi Shirota, Oroigawa Koreyasu, Kostalan Rottsaa, Talsin Baarrnan, Santelran Rottsaa, and Kallinn Ynnetrrr.

Within Shireroth, he has been Steward to Kaisers Ayreon Stilli, Loki III, and Agni I as well as ruling as Steward Corey I and Kaiser on several occasions.

Corey has been a long time resident of Lontinien, a province of Hurmu. He served as Chairman of the Senate of the Lakes from April 1st to October 15th, 2009. He subsequently lead the nation as first Valdi in the new government enacted at the end of his Chairmanship.

Preceded by:
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Loki III