Colony of Itteria

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Colony of Itteria
Location: South-Western Benacia
Type: Colony
Population: 219,000

Governor: Leonardo Contarini

Religion: Realist Temple Church, Batavian Catologism

Garrison: Iron Militia

Places of Note: Castelluccio fortress, Silver Mines, Iron Vinyards
Date of Founding: 1642 AN
Map of the Colony of Itteria

The Colony of Itteria (also: Colonia della Itteria) is currently the only colony of the Lordship of Blackstone. It is located on South-West Benacia and borders the Imperial Republic on all sides.


The name Itteria is taken from the Batavian muncipality of Itteria, which was located in Eastern Dietsland. The native Itterians are still mostly of Batavian descent.


In 1642. the Iron Company colonised a part of the Benacian green, and started mining silver in mines near the town of Castelluccio. In order to transfer the silver, a modern road was built to connect the town with the newly established coastal city of Porto di Ferro. Although the Iron Company currently has full control over the Itterian Colony, it is officially part of Blackstone.


The Colony of Itteria was used by the Iron Company to experiment with the use of large animals in the mines. For that purpose, 60 Giid-Lisea were bought from the Palliscian Trade Association. The animals acclimatised quickly and were put to work in the mines. Aside from an unfortunate accident, during which a Giid-Lisea sat on an unfortunate Iron Company employee, the introduction of the animals has been very succesful.

A Giid-Lisea transporting freshly mined coal.