Cedrocomando S.A.

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Cedrocomando S.A.
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Active: 1641–1651
In use by: IV Corps (Frontier Army)
Allegiance: ESB-Jörmungandr Group
(for the Consiglio Grande e Generale)

Type: Private Military Company / Security Forces
Service Branches
  • Infantry
    • Paratroopers
    • Mountain Infantry
  • Engineers
  • Artillery
  • Anti-Air Defence
Size: 28,800 personnel
Current Commander:

Conflicts & Deployments

The Cedrocomando Società Anonima (S.A.) was a subsidiary of the ESB Group established in 1641 under a contract awarded by the Ministry of Military Affairs to create the Cedrocomando Security Force in order to provide for the defence of the Condominium Territory of the Tellian Confederation and the Imperial Republic of Shireroth as determined by the Treaty of Gloomburg. Four of the five original legions of the Cedrocomando were transferred formally into the IV Corps of the Frontier Army and deployed to help quell a rebellion in Dietsland, Puritania and Voltrue. This left behind a single under-strength legion around which the ESB would be obliged to rebuild it's Tellian garrison.

On Amnure the 19th of Gevrader in the year 1650, Kaiseress Noor promugated Imperial Decree 934 mandating the unification of the Shirerithian and Minarborian Condominiums under a single Sxiro-Tellian administration which would, henceforth, enjoy the protection of the Imperial Republic. The Cedrocomando's first engagement was to disarm the defenders of the Minarborian Condominum, the Doppicomando, and to take over the premises of the Cameradoppia.

The contract expired in 1651 and was not renewed.


Palazzo della Signoria: Offices of the ESB Representative in Tellia and palatial home away from home for the administrative staff of the Cedrocomando S.A.
ESB Scoglitto: Cedrocomando S.A. Training Facilities
ESB Fiorecittà: Formerly a ruined Ashkenatzim Flak Tower, now a newly renovated Command Centre

Cedrocomando Security Force

  • Internal Security Legion (ISL)
    • 45th Infantry Regiment (1,200 men)
    • 46th Infantry Regiment (1,200 men)
    • 59th Infantry Regiment (1,200 men)
    • 60th Infantry Regiment (1,200 men)