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Glwad y Calbain
Flag of Calbion
Coat of Arms of Calbion
Coat of Arms

Motto: Does unman yn debyg i Adra'
There is no place like home

Anthem: Various
Location of Calbion
Map versions 15.0.5 - 15.1.5 (as part of the Empire of Jingdao)
15.3.2 - (as part of the Commonwealth of the Brettish Isles)
Capital Pentyre
Largest city Pentyre, St. Edward
Official language(s) Calraeg, English, Dutch
Demonym Calbain
 - Adjective Calbain
Government Province
 - Lord Protector Jack de Montfort
 - Governor-General Llywelyn Lewis
 - Legislature none
Establishment January 14th, 2013
 -Ranked NA
Area ... km²
 - Ranked NA
Population 1.2 Million
 - Active 1
 - Ranked NA
Currency Brettish Pound
Abbreviation Cal
National website none
National forum [1]
National animal Dragon
National food Lamb and Mutton
National drink Whiskey
National tree none

The Protectorate of Calbion is a province of the Commonwealth of the Brettish Isles. Current leader is Governor-General Llywelyn Lewis.


Calbion was founded in January 2013 by Jack Mounford who, after the Juan rebellion in Southbatavia sailed to unknown lands with a small fleet of Southbatavian refugees.

The island they landed was the Island of Maraguo, or as the local Celtic tribes called it: Calbion. Mounford stumbled upon a divided nation. The south was still very Maraguan, but the north was under control of the larger population of the celtic tribe of the Calbain. With the help of Jingdaoese forces, Mounford united the country and placed it under Southbatavian controll. He himself was declared Count of Calbion. But that didn't prevent the Maraguan population to rise up agains the, mainly Calbain, government. This resulted in a bloody uprising that was dealt with accurately by the Calbain and Southbatavian forces. Subsequently, Jack Mounford recieved the title of Prince of Calbion. The reign of Jack Mounford saw large cultural development on the Island and the Calbain culture reached new hights. The title of Prince was changed to King in the later part of Mounford's reign.

Several incidents occured however which created a schism between Calbion and the Southbatavian mainland. The first incident was the rocket launching site. The Emperor wanted to create a rocketbase on the isle of faenor, but the local residents protested against this. Mounford was unable to prevent the creation of this site and had to settle for an aircraft base which also included the rocket facility. The second incident was the raid of the Calbionese pirate Callaghan of a Natopian trading ship and of a Natopian holiday facility for homosexuals. The cruelty which the pirate showed towards his victims led to a diplomatic crisis between Calbion and Natopia. This was only enlargened by the crash of a Natopian airplane on a Calbionese square afterwards.

No longer wishing to submit themselves to the rule of the despotic Empress Sisera, The Calbain rised up in a rebellion against Jingdao. A declaration of independence was handed in and Jingdaoese soldiers were killed. Sisera reacted by attacking Calbion in full scale, destroying large parts of the country and killing the large majority of the population. A desolate and post-apocalyptic landscape was all that remained of the once proud land. In April of 2013, Calbion declared independence and was attacked by Southbatavia. Almost all cities were destroyed and the attack left an estimated survival rate of 3-4%.

The area was later occupied by the Republic of Maraguo. Calbain population was still present in the North and after the dissolvement of Maraguo, the Calbain joined the Commonwealth of the Brettish Isles as a protectorate.