Battle of Cimmeria

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The Historians says,

"However, the intermicronational world was nevertheless moving along. One development Shireroth completely ignored as irrelevant to itself was a set of terrorist attacks by a group calling itself Anarchy21. They had already moved against Menelmacar and Baracao, but there seemed no reason to believe they would attack Shireroth, even though their leader was widely believed to be Bob Silby, a longtime enemy of the Republic.

But on February 17, attack was exactly what they did, using a souped-up spam cannon on Shireroth’s forums. Luckily for the Republic, a group of citizens and friendly foreigners assembled and bumped important threads so that Anarchy’s methods could not destroy them. After some time, Kaiser Raynor X showed up to ban the intruders.

Raynor then declared the day a national holiday, and, calling it the Battle of Cimmeria, rewarded its heroes. Robert Belci, a Crandishman, and Harvey Steffke, a Menelmacari, were given honorary citizenship and military awards. Stjepan Aracic, already an honorary citizen, was given double honorary citizenship, so far as I know the first person to receive this honor. And Jadie Mathematician was made the Duchess of Goldshire."