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Archetype23, or simply Archetype, was the second ruler of Menelmacar, where his title was known as Elenaran, Queyna for "King of the Stars". He succeeded Sirithil nos Feanor and preceded Caesar Augustus, also known as Kevin Bennerman. During Archetype's term Menelmacar split in two, the Imperium of Menelmacar (lead by himself) and the Oira Arnanorë Menelmacariva, led by the former ruler Sirithil. Archetype23 was also the founder of the religion of Yellowism, a micronational religion based on the worship of a telepathic banana. Archetype23 was a self-proclaimed psionist who was a moderator at the website PsiPog, a pseudo scientific website dedicated to the development of psionic abilities in people. He joined micronations at first because of the fact that William Jesmer, a micronationalist who at the time was a member of Menelmacar, also participated in PsiPog. Because of Jesmer, he became interested in micronations and talked to Harvey Steffke, who was known in micronations as an Empath, something that relates to psionics. The elite crew of Menelmacar at the time (Bill Dusch, [[Sirithil nos Feanor]], Harvey Steffke) became intrigued with the idea of a psionic corps for Menelmacar (All three had personally believed in psionics at the time) and invited him into Menelmacar for this purpose. Note that this was during Menelmacar's cold war period with Baracao, when Menelmacar needed all the intelligence they could grab their hands on. Unfortunately, Archetype had a lot of alienating attributes to the Menelmacari. Harvey Steffke and Archetype quickly became enemies, as their personalities were polar opposites. Archetype was incredibly stubborn, probably the only micronationalist whose stubbornness could actually compare with Bill Dusch. He trusted people a lot, and when he thought that a person betrayed that trust, he became their mortal enemy; this brought upon unpleasant drama with almost all of the Apollonians. Finally, he brought in new Menelmacari members from PsiPog. While in another micronation this would be promising, Menelmacar had a growing, budding culture in the form of the Menelmacari variant of Soloralism. Menelmacar was nondenominational only in name. Archetype hated role-playing, up to the point thinking that Sirithil nos Feanor had psychological problems because he was roleplaying an elf. These combinations did not mix well with the Menelmacari. A growing tension sprouted, especially once the Baracaoan cold war was over. Two factions began to form - one run by Sirithil and Bill, and another run by Archetype. This became noticeable as the elections of Menelmacar came close, and climaxed after the elections came. For more information regarding Menelmacar's history, see [[History of Menelmacar]].