William Jesmer

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A citizen of Pacary, Menelmacar, Tymaria, Freensia and perhaps other nations. An associate of Philip Locke and of Archetype23.

Reports indicate that he had been an agent of SHINE, sent to gather intelligence in Karnali during Operation Azure Trout.

During his time in Menelmacar, Jesmer was for a time head of MISSION, the laughably bad Menelmacari secret intelligence service that everyone knew about.

When a new Tymarian citizen Jesmer was made Minister of Home Affairs.

According to some historians

Jesmer figured (correctly) that using his power to update the website and provide interesting content would be less fun than using it to destroy the country, and so he deleted the Tymarian forums with his friend Philip Locke. During the crisis, called the 4-11 incident after the date it took place, the Tymarian Defense Forces utilised their own discussion board to provide a temporary base from which the Tymarian government could operate. Eventually, the forum was restored, and Locke and Jesmer unceremoniously kicked out of the nation. They formed their own country, Freenesia, as a base from which to get revenge, and attracted the Anti-Tymar Council, Yuri Andropov,and other undesirable elements to their cause.

Jesmer's legacy

seems to have been written by those who did not appreciate him. Or maybe they had a reason. This compiler cannot say with accuracy. He did attempt to link Los II to shenanigins that were well outside of the Character of the noble Kaiser.