Tymarian Defense Forces

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== History == As the national military for the United Republic of Tymaria, the Tymarian Defense Forces (TDF) integrated the military structures of each state under one command. The TDF's command structure was dominated by the Atteran state which was largely composed of citizens who were professional soldiers macronationally, and micronationally. The Tymarian Defense Forces were commanded by the Marshal of the TDF, the first such person being Diga Makonnen IV. The structure was further divided into two major sub-units, the Tymarian Army, of which the first Marshal was Scott Noseworthy, and the [[Tymarian Special Operations Group]] (TYSOG), commanded initially by Edward Guimont. The Tymarian Army was tasked with home defence while the TYSOG dealt with intelligence and special operations in foreign nations. TYSOG is best remembered for the TYSOG Incident of January 2002 which saw one of its operations in the Republic of Morovia exposed as an illegal and immoral activity in the eyes of many Tymarians. Upon the secession of Attera from the United Republic on 01 Feb 2002, command of the Tymarian Defense Forces passed to Marshal Noseworthy who implemented reforms to the command structure which saw the disbandment of TYSOG (it was later replaced by the [[Tymarian Special Forces]] (TSF), after the wounds of the TYSOG Incident had healed somewhat, which had much the same mandate as its predecessor). Further reforms to the system saw Tymaria's military take on a more English-oriented military command system (mainly based on the macronational Canadian military), with the top commander, formerly the Marshal of the TDF, becoming the Chief of the Defense Staff (CDS). There was only one deputy commander of the TDF under this system, known as the Vice-Chief of the Defense Staff (VCDS). The CDS held the full rank of General, while the VCDS was a Lt. General. The Army and the Special Force were each commanded by a Colonel. The first CDS of the Tymarian Defense Forces was Noseworthy, with Lt. General Nick Raglan, who was Noseworthy's VCDS, being promoted to the top job upon Noseworthy's resignation in May 2002. The stability in the command structure of the TDF was a stark contrast to the Ministry of Defense which saw several ministers pass through over the same nine month time frame in which the TDF existed following the TYSOG Incident (the TDF was disbanded along with Tymaria on 14 Sep 2002).


The following list of individuals who served with the Tymarian Defense Forces during its existence has been generated from an April 2002 TDF document. Scott Noseworthy, General; Eddie Guimont, Colonel; Peter Little, Brig. General; Nick Raglan, Lt. General; Dan Dreesbach, Lt. Commander; John Sager, Captain; Knight Magistrate, Colonel; Matt McIvor, Sergeant; Joe Whit, Sergeant; Edward Conway, Lt.; Assassinite, Lt. Commander; Diga Makonnen, Marshal (Ret.) - Ex-Marshal of the TDF; Edward Conway, Major - Dismissed Ex-TYSOG; Bill Dusch, Major - Resigned Ex-Tymarian Army; WarVoid - Retired Ex-TYSOG; Philip Locke, Lt. - Dismissed Ex-Tymarian Army; Erik Metzler, Marshal - Retired Ex-Marshal of the TSF; Ryan Caruso, Colonel - Resigned; Matt Cook, Major - Resigned; Marie Lopez, Major - Retired; CINC Patrick, Major - Dismissed