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This page describes the (more or less) current subdivisions of Shireroth. For more information about historical subdivisions, see History of Subdivisions.
An old map of the Imperial States and Imperial Dominions of Shireroth

Subdivisions (imperial subjects) are the constituent territories of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. Each subdivision may have its own culture, history, languages, norms and laws.

Under the Charter, the territory of the Imperial Republic is divided into imperial dominions. Most imperial dominions are further subdivided with a recognized government with autonomy. Such subdominions have various titles, county being the most common.

Previously, Shireroth also had Imperial States, which were completely autonomous in respect of certain reserved matters, and the Imperial Dominions, lands governed directly by the Kaiser in accordance with Imperial Law. It should be noted that under the Lex Provinciarum created by Kaiser Mors IV via Imperial Decree 674 many of the local laws of the Imperial Dominions are preserved and respected.

Imperial Dominions

The Duchy of Akordionnyr

  • Emirate of Alalehzamin
  • County of Araxion
  • City and County of Eliria
  • County of Utasia

The Imperial Dominion of Amokolia

  • Province of the Amokolian Islands
  • Province of Mishalan
  • Province of Oleslääd
  • Province of Vattnaland

The Duchy of Brookshire

  • County of Alexandretta
  • County of Azarea and Z
    • Viscounty of Azarea
    • Viscounty of Z
  • County of Caverden
  • County of Monty Crisco
  • County of Musica
  • County of Skyla

The Duchy of Goldshire

  • County of Lunaris
  • County of Ran
  • County of Suthergold
  • County of Ynnraile

The Duchy of Modan and Malarboria

  • County of Amarr
  • County of Amity, Mirioth and So-Sara (sometimes known as Mirioth, Amity and So-Sara, abbreviated MASS)
  • County of Angularis
  • County of Benacia
  • County of Florencia
  • County of Highpass
  • County of the Iridian Isles
  • County of Lachmeren
  • County of Lachmodan
  • General Government of Lywall
  • County of Lywind
  • County of Shimmerspring

The Imperial Dominion of New Blackstone

The Imperial Dominion of the Northern Reaches

  • County of Agnesia
  • County of Cape Farewell
  • County of Illumination
  • County of Iserdia
  • Territory of Leng
  • County of Raikoth
  • County of Wintergleam

The Imperial County

  • City of Shirekeep (takes up all of the territory of the Imperial County)

The Imperial Dominion Under the Administration of the Iron Company

  • County of Cimmeria
  • County of Elsenar
  • County of Fieldburg

The County of Yardistan

The Marquessate and Dominion of Zy-Rodun

Imperial Protectorates

Mandate of Tellia

  • Hither Tellia
  • Scoglitto

The State of Talenore

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