Palace of Krull

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The Palace of Krull

The Palace of Krull, also known as Krull Palace and formerly known as Krull Opera House, was the official residence of the King of Elwynn as well as a seat of the Elwynnese Government. It is situated in Eliria, the capital of the Elwynnese Union.

The palace sits atop Krull Isle, an islet in the Slovygh Canal, which is one of the numerous canals in the capital of Elwynn which lead to the river of the same name.

Disliked by the present Prince and considered by the Senate of the restored Republican government to be an unsightly carbuncle, the palace - a towering legacy to the Froyalanish obsession with monumental grandeur - has been converted into social housing for the city's disadvantaged lower classes, with only the throne room and adjacent antechambers being retained as an office for the affixing of seals to decrees and official papers.