Northern League

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The Northern League of Elwynn


Motto: Freedom through Strenght
Feudal Status: Subdivision of Elwynn
Capital: Fieldburg
Largest Cities: Port Illumination, Azshara

Local Leadership Title: Arandur
Local Government: Confederacy
Current leader: Eki Verion

Local language: Common Tongue, Cimmerian, Hyperborean
Local Religion: None official

The Fieldburg Declaration

WE, the representatives of the Peoples of Northern Elwynn, the counties of Agnesia, Cape Farewell, Cimmeria, Illumination and Raikoth, united in our common goal to grant our citizens peace, prosperity, harmony and liberty, hereby issue the following declaration.

1. The Holy Realm of the Faithful Tribes of the Great North is hereby recognised as a sovereign state and country within the Northern League.

2. Her Majesty Queen Eki Verion continues to serve as Arandur of the Northern League.

3. The Northern Council will advise Her Majesty in her legislative and executive duties.

4. Political stability shall be guaranteed, to that end only parties that join the Northern Alliance will be allowed to stand in elections. Other political groups shall be outlawed. See also Section A.

5. Economic and religious freedom shall be guaranteed for all. The Northern League shall be secular. Only the Holy Church of the Divine Icebear remains the official Church of the Holy Realm of the Faithful Tribes.

6. Martial Law is declared, and all who undermine the essence of this great Northern partnership shall be brought before courts and punished. Rebellion against the Northern League and its objectives shall be punished by death.

7. The Capital of the Northern League shall be the city of Fieldburg.

8. Nothing in this Declaration shall be altered or voided without approval of all signatories.