Meqil Jandui

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The Meqil Jandui (Elw: Sword of Virtue) was created by blacksmiths and craftsmen employed by Steward Hallbjörn Haraldsson in 1630 as part of his ongoing quest to fabricate a mythical Froyalanish history for the Elwynnese Union that would serve to legitimate the rule of the House of Ettlingar Freyu.

In 1666, following the Partition of Elwynn the blade was melted down and the molten steel was poured down the throat of a gelded vanakarl, sentenced to death for economic sabotage in a worker's colony. The condemned Froyalaner had been attired and perfumed as the anthropomorphised depiction of Elwynn which had served as the fixation point for Storish cultists during their rule. The scorched body of the victim was subsequently dumped into the waters of the Blue Elwynn with a ritual done in mockery of the Froyalanish "rite of return" for casting the sword back into the river at the end of a reign.