Marcus Myksos

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Marcus Myksos, Viscount Vigeland, is a Shirerithian noble. Born in Kildare to Flavius Myksos and Princess Arohi Mahesh of Aryasht. Associated with the independentist government in Kildare after 1616. Moved to Voltrue after the Siseran genocide in Kildare (which then became part of Jingdao), High King there. Antikaiser during the Year of the Four Kaisers (as Kaiser Mors VII) in 1644. Refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Landsraad's designating Noor the kaiseress. Remained in rebellion until his rehabilitation in 1654 when he was restored to the Shirerithian peerage as Viscount Vigeland and readmitted to the Landsraad.