Line of Redquill

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Line of Redquill

Kaiser: Kaiser Redquill

Ruler of Goldshire: Ryker Everstone

Progenitor: Kaiser Redquill

Chief and Head: Ryker Everstone

Line: Redquill
Progenitor: Ryker J. Everstone (during his reign as Kaiser Redquill)
Established: 5551 ASC
Ryker Everstone (5551-Present)

Bio: Redquill is a relatively new Bloodline, established by Kaiser Redquill on the day of his ascension to the Mango Throne. It's status is somewhat unique in that it is one of only three Imperial Bloodlines with no claimed ties to Raynor, therefor making it a "Sanglorian" Bloodline.

It is also the only bloodline who's wiki page creator has no goddam idea how so make the little template thingy to it looks kinda backwards.