Karmen Joonai

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Karmen Joonai
Full Name: Karmen Joonai
Alias Carmen Ionai


Physical Description
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Race: Elw
Hair Color and Style: Black, long
Eye Color:
Skin Color:

Biographical Information
Father: Joon (Jon) Marenai
Mother: Maria Eqlarion
Date of Birth: 1619
Place of Birth: Fenririe
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Current Residence(s): Eliria
Nationality at Birth: Shirerithian
Current Allegiance(s): Ayreonist Independence Party
Occupation: Politician

Karmen Joonai (Кармен Йоонаи; // kaʁmən joːnai //), (1619–1670) was an Elwynnese academic (anthropologist) and Ayreonist politician. Known as Karmen Esposito 1665–1669. Foreign minister of the Republic of Inner Benacia since 1669.

Academic career

As a researcher, Joonai focused on the change of non-Froyalanish people's perception of Lady Elwynn in Elwynnese culture, worship, and behaviour from the establishment of the Vanic state. Her research suggested that the Vanic church brought down the Church of Elwynn which, in turn, did not have any means to counter the Vanic propahanda of a corporal Lady Elwynn who engaged in live-televised sex with King Nooah. Worship of Lady Elwynn had by the early 1650s become almost exclusively a Vanic matter. The Treesianoid churches shifted focus from Lady Elwynn by the mid 1620s to the entire panthenon of gods.

Political career

  • Councillor, Eliria City Council 1650–1651
  • President, Eliria City Council 1651–1653
  • Member and Vice-president, Elwynnese congress, 1653–1662
  • Chairwoman of the Ayreonist Independence Party, 1655–1665
  • Co-Conducator of the Elwynnese Republic, 1660–1662
  • President of the Government of the City and County of Eliria, 1662–1665
  • Conducator of the Elwynnese Republic, 1664–1665
  • Councillor, Eliria City Council, 1665–1669
  • Foreign minister, Republic of Inner Benacia, 1669–1670

Joonai joined the Ayreonist Independence Party (AIP) in 1642 during her years in university. She saw the continued Froyalanish attacks on Elwdom as threatening to Elwynnese integrity and freedom. She vowed to study the Froyalanish influence on Elwdom throughout her entire career. "By knowing your enemy, you can defeat him", she once said.

In 1650, she was elected to the Eliria City Council as an AIP representative. The following year, the Council elected her its president, once the purge of 1651 (the Auspicious Occasion) had removed the Froyalaners from the Council. Although she had always had a fervent hatred for all things Vanic, she publically denounced the Auspicious Occasion, calling it an affront to Elwynnese law and human dignity. She continued to work for Froyalanish men and women's human rights, opposing their conscription to first community servitude and then to protected subjects of the Kaiser. Her opposition was largely vocal and never amounted to anything else.

In the first free elections in Elwynn (after the Auspicious Occasion), Joonai was elected to the Elwynnese congress, and the AIP became the largest opposition party. She was elected to vice-president of the congress, a largely ceremonial post. This post became more politicized in 1655 when Joonai was elected leader of the AIP. By 1660, angered by the inactivity of Prince Aldin's government which had caused an economic downturn and no reforms, including no new elections, she and the president of the Senate, Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh, declared themselves to have assumed the powers of governemnt for Elwynn pending the return of the Prince. This act was opposed by the Southern League and the Elwynnese Republic turned to civil war. The war was resolved only in 1662, with the White Elwynn Accords, and Joonai returned to the Eliria government where she became President of the Government.

Following the fall of Princess Eki Verion's government with no successor, Joonai assembled as many members from the former congress as she could and had herself elected Steward (Conducator), with naming Abigail Ayreon-Kalirion, a princess, Princess in Elwynn, a position created by a resolution of the congress due to its inability to constitutionally elect her Princess of Elwynn.

Thereafter, once the Elwynnese civil war had calmed down and had the statehood of the Elwynnese nation destroyed, Karmen Joonai became increasingly stressed. Her party, the Ayreonist Independence Party, was in shambles, and in 1665 the party decided not to contest the Folksraad and Adelsraad elections, so not to suffer an inconsolable defeat in them. Meanwhile, Karmen Joonai, now having been made a noblewoman and landsraadsperson, focused her little energies in pursuing imperial matters, mainly law reform. Her increased levels of stress and more erratic behaviours took a serious turn on 23.XV.1665, when she in a speech to the Landsraad discussed normalization with Stormark, while at the same time she stood for election to Steward. WHile that speech was not the main problem – it was the debate that followed, one which culminating in her addressing the Prince of Modan as a chicken while making clucking remarks, that quickly had the Imperial Advisory Council act. It needed to set decorum straight, and it could not risk the chicken-clucker lady become steward (she had already received support from a sizeable section of the Landsraad). As such, the IAC recommended to the Kaiser that Karmen Joonai had brought the nobility into disrepute, and as such, she was removed from the nobility by an imperial decree, and she returned to the denizenry with the name Karmen Esposito. Furthermore, she was unable to stand in the election to Steward.

In 1669, she was restored to her previous noble title and citizenship after having taken her punishment with grace and without protest. She had been working in the government of Eliria and teaching and doing research at her old alma mater, and thereby worked herself back to the nobility. One reason for the Government's rehabilitation of her was that she, despite her "caste shame", was considered respected in Eliria and commented frequently in Elwynnese news. It was untenable for the government to keep her in so-called shame, as her respect would only let others with an "Esposito" name not suffer any consequences from bringing the nobility into disrepute.

However, she was informed by the Imperial Government that in return for this favour, she had to resign all her political positions in the Imperial Republic and move to the Republic of Inner Benacia for employment in the government there as foreign minister.

In the Republic of Inner Benacia, she organized and unofficially headed a pro-Shirerithian government. Although officially foreign minister, her approval (and, in extension, the imperial government's) was necessary for all important decisions. A growing hatred for Shireroth led later to an uprising in the small Republic. A coup in late 1670 caused the death of all pro-Shirerithian actors in the government, including Karmen Joonai, whose head was sent to Shirekeep as a last "tribute" to the Kaiser.