Kaiser Reynardine II

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Reynardine I - Fish XII
Magni I - Reynardine II

Progenitor: Reynardine I

Kaiser Reynardine II (疎癒川 狐, Oroigawa Kitsune), born 1553, reigned 1579–1584, died 1584. At birth, his mother Gilrean Treebane died, and young Kitsune, as he was then known, was sent to Hurmu for fostering by Talsin Baarrnan (a Swnndyrrr man). Kitsune took there on the name Kallinn Ynnetrrr. He was the son of Kaiser Reynardine I and the brother of Kaiser Fish XII and Kaiser Magni I.

Following his tenure as Imperial Steward 1577–1579, he became kaiser.

His reign as kaiser was marred with political crises. After his abdication in 1584, he named himself Duke in Asantelian, but he died within days of his abdications. The causes were unkown.

Imperial Decrees

Imperial Decrees made by this Kaiser:Imperial Decree 501, Imperial Decree 502,Imperial Decree 503,Imperial Decree 504,Imperial Decree 505

Preceded by:
Rei I
Kaiser of Shireroth
Succeeded by:
Loki IV