Kaiser Iago II

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Line of Metzler

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Brrapa III - Santiago I - Brrapa IV
Santiago II - John I - John II

Progenitor: Brappa I

Chronicle of the Reign of Iago II


In this year did Iago of the Line of Metzler surprise the Kaiser Jason in his privy chamber and strike off his head. Thereafter Iago did accept the acclamation of the people and the Landsraad as Kaiser and take daughter of his late predecessor as wife. To end the Line of Steffki, and preclude their raising of a blood feud and eventual retaliation, he roused the common rabble of Shirekeep against them and gave the order that their titles and estates were forfeit to the Imperial Crown, their properties were to be plundered and the male heirs killed. This proscription succeeded and most of Jason IV's sons, grandsons and the male descendants of his brothers, uncles and cousins were hunted down and butchered - their heads being taken to Raynor's Keep in return for the generous rewards offered for their deaths. And there was much rejoicing.


Misandel, daughter of the late Jason, perished at Raynor's Keep after falling from the window of the Solar. The Lord Kaiser took a new wife from the line of Raynor.


The Elu Verion leads a raid into Goldshire. Iago orders watchtowers built along the Blue and Red branches of the river Elwynn.

Preceded by:
Iago I
Succession of the Shirerithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Nicholas III