GV(SPG)-2 Jabberwocky

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GV(SPG)-2 Jabberwocky

GV-2 Jabberwocky.png
Type: Self-Propelled Gun
Place of origin: Shireroth

In service: 1645 AN
Used by: Imperial Forces

Designed: 1642 AN
Manufacturer: Red Bear LLC

Crew: 4

Main Armament: 155mm Cannon
Rate of fire: burst: 4 rpm

sustained: 40 rph

Effective range: 14km
Maximum range: 23km

Cost: 85 Anunia Points

The GV(SPG)-2 Jabberwocky, an armoured gravimetric vehicle, is the primary self-propelled gun in use with the Imperial Army. Introduced in the early 1640's, it saw limited use in the Wars of the Dark Orchid whilst subsequently entering mass production as tensions with Jingdao escalated towards open warfare in 1647 and again after 1653.

The Jabberwocky replaced the obsolete 80mm field gun in the indirect fire support capacity which was in turn relegated to auxiliary forces, state militias and the armed forces of foreign clients.