County of Benacia

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County of Benacia

[[Image:{{{coat of arms}}}|100px]]

Feudal Status: County
Capital: Flotilla
Largest Cities: Flotilla,Port Benacia

Local Leadership Title: Count
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: Vacant

Local language: Lakhesian, Shirithian English
Local Religion: Cedrism, Traditional beliefs


Benacia is a county in the western part of the Barony of Greater Lakhesis. It is named after the continent of which it is a part, Benacia. Benacia was first colonized by settlers from the Khaz Modan Empire, but was inhabited by natives, called the Pennà, long before. During the age of the Khaz Modans the island was mainly used as resting place for ships heading north. This also brought the area much trade, but the main economic activity was still fishing and agriculture. In a more recent time, the island became the home of the Line of Mortis. Pirates have also been known to be common around Benacia.

Economy & Culture

The Benacian economy is mainly based on fishing and agriculture, although since William Strauss became count, efforts have been made by the government to diversify the economy. None have been very fruitful thus far. Some revenue is generated by trade. Port Benacia has a large harbor and trade ships still stop there on their way north and to other countries, much as they did during the times of the Khaz Modan. B'Caw is the patron god of Benacia, but a small group of Ikol worshippers is growing, mainly because Count William is also the High Priest of Ikol.


According to the census of 3800 ASC, the majority language of Benacia is Lakhesian with 2'131'951 (74.20%) native speakers. The largest minority language is Shirithian English, spoken by 616'599 (21.46%) people. There are also some communities where Yardistani and Yiddish is spoken.

Port Benacia

Port Benacia is a large city of the County of Benacia. It is home to many famous religious buildings such as the Great B'Caw Temple and the Tranquil Tower. Port Benacia averages a population of about 40,000. Most people that live in the city work in the docks, but construction comes a close second in industry. Since 3420 ASC the Mayor of the City along with Count William have been redeveloping the area, reorganizing the sewers, removing old buildings and building new ones, and reopening old museums, parks, and other public works.


The Penna are the natives of Benacia. They used to be numerous on the Island, but since the time of the Khaz Modan, the Penna have almost disappeared. Much of this is due to inbreeding with the Khaz Modans,and later the Shirithians, and some of it is because the Penna were a sea faring people and they dispersed into the many corners of the world. A small number of Penna have moved back to Benacia to be among the land of their ancestors. They have been given many special rights and tax exemptions to encourage them to flourish once again. Syr William is of Penna descent.

The Hunters

The Hunters were a very, very small tribe in the Western parts of Benacia. They only consisted of a small village and the surrounding land, but they had a great influence over the Island. The Hunters were renowned for having magical powers and control over the things of the Earth. Today, the magic of The Hunters is still obscure, but enough of it has been uncovered to perform some of the magic itself. As for the Hunters themselves, they seem to have died out a couple hundred years ago.

Benacian Magic

Benacian Magic is the name given to the magical practices of The Hunters. Benacian Magic has been pieced together as best as possible from archaeological findings and historical records. Today, only a select few Benacian citizens know how to use the magics mainly because it is tightly regulated, as to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. The Magics are rarely used outside of the county because it seems that its power gets substantially weaker off of the Island. [[category:subdivision]