Æsileif Haraldsdóttir

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Imperial and Royal House of Ettlingar Freyu
Arms Ettlingar Freyu.png

Kaisers of Shireroth
HjalmarHjalmar Redquill
High King of Stormark
Harald of Ettlingar Freyu
Kings of Batavia
Fränzi-Ferdinanda • Frederik Hendrik
Rulers of Hurmu
HaraldAoife the Celt
Duke of Brookshire
Queens of Ravaria
Fränzi-Ferdinanda • Æsileif
Rulers of Elwynn

Empress of the Natopians
Asara Sisu

Founder: Björka Hnossdóttir

Head: Harald

Æsileif Haraldsdóttir (born 1588 in Port Nevermore, Kildare) is a Froyalanish Lady Royal and politician of Storish descent. She is the Queen of Ravaria as well as a member of the Royal Family of Elwynn and belongs to the Imperial Branch of the House of Ettlingar Freyu and the Froyalanish Branch of the aforesaid Imperial and Royal House. Æsileif is the twin sister of the Storjarl Hallbjörn Haraldsson.

Lady Æsileif is the daughter of the High King, the widow of a King, the mother of a late King, and a Queen in her own right.