View from Benacia/Issue 76: Kildare Secedes From Shirerot

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This imported article was originally posted at at 04/02/05.

We open with some shocking news for our readership: earlier today, the Duchy of Kildare was made independent of Shirerot. One of the oldest acquisitions of the Imperial Republic, the independence of the former Duchy was approved by an emergency session of the Landsraad, in a startling unanimous vote in favor of Kildare's 'liberation' as the new state of Apollonia. The bill garnered practically no debate, even from relatively zealous anti-secessionists in the upper nobility.

The vote was greeted with disgust by Praetor Zirandorthel, who remarked, "Oh well, I guess it is done. I wash my hands of this."

In a related story, former Duke of Kildare Gryphon announced his impending emigration from Shirerot, saying, "What with my obligation to Apollonia and the building of New Menelmacar, I'm already at 3 citizenships. I want to be free to join another micronation if I so choose."

Babkha Submits to Shirerot

Never fear, citizens! The loss of one Duchy shall be compensated for by the gaining of another. In an announcement early this morning, Tahmaseb Shah Abakhtari, Shahanshah of the Kingdom of Babkha, declared that Babkha would be joining Shireroth as a Duchy:

"As of this day, Babkha is officially a Shirerithian duchy. From now on you will call me Duke Tahmaseb Khan. We will of course keep our cultural quirks and so on, but we are obliged to have an elvish side culture as well. Part of the deal is to give home to the Shirerithian elves."

Reasons cited for the change were a drop in a activity, as well as an affinity for the new Kaiser. Oh, did we even mention the new Kaiser yet?

We're Doomed

But it may all be meaningless soon anyway, as April sees the beginning of an unprecedented recognition - and suppression of micronations by the macronational world. According to CNN, a bill has been presented in the U.S. Senate to shut down the micronational endeavor for good.

The Secessionist Communities Limitations Act, introduced but Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) would mandate a punishment of up to three years in prison and a $40000 fine for the operation of any micronational community within United States territory. Any United States citizen joining a foreign micronation would be open to a charge of treason. The bill is viewed, particularly by Congressional Republicans, as a vital part of the War on Terror.

In the immortal words of Scott Alexander: "April Fools!"