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This imported article was originally posted at at 01/06/05.

(Ed. Note- We apologize for failing to publish on Monday, but computer troubles foiled our schedule.)

Despite a failed attempt to pretend it wasn't going to happen, Kaiser Raynor XI stepped down yesterday, paving the way for Shyriath Bukolos to ascend the throne as Kaiser Mors IV.

The switchover took place between late yesterday and earlier today. After appointing Imperial Ras Charles of Attera to the Order of the Griffin (for his work in creating the ASAAF fund for the tsunami victims in southeast Asia), he laid down his crown in Imperial Decree #147:

"I, Kaiser Raynor XI, have ruled over Shireroth for quite some time now, and the time has come to pass on the crown before time passes it on for me. Whether I go down as a good Kaiser or a bad one in the writings of history, I do not know, But now it is time for our new Kaiser to be presented.

I hereby name Shyriath of Brookshire, Duke of my families Ancestral home to the throne of Shireroth. He is my Successor and upon the completion of this decree shall take up his place as Kaiser of all of Shireroth. 
May he rule with wisdom and mercy."

Earlier today, Shyriath, in a rather elaborate and creepy role-playing style, underwent his coronation, choosing to name himself Mors after the God of Death. This name is traditional to the Imperial Line of Mortis, until this point one of the Bloodlines belonging to Erik, the nation's founder. Whether or not the Line of Mortis has been transferred to Shyriath is not clear, and may depend on Erik's assessment of this new Mors' time on the throne.

The new Kaiser was met with much enthusiasm from his subjects, and was congratulated by a number of foreign officials, both on the Shireroth forums and in private; among the highest-ranking of these were fellow His Majesty's fellow heads of state, the Shah of Babkha and the President of Talamthom. The Emperor of Ascalon also reportedly sent his congratulations through the office of the Minister of the Exterior.

Kaiser Mors has said little of what he plans to do during his reign. Sources close to the Kaiser say that he wishes to be a builder of bridges between progressives and traditionalists, bringing about solutions acceptable to both sides through cautious experimentation. There is at least one rumor that the new Kaiser plans on creating a popularly elected office, although this position would be largely advisory in nature.

The Brookshire Mystery Solved

In a move that surprised few, the new Kaiser abdicated the ducal throne of Brookshire and passed it on to Erik, formerly Kaiser Raynor XI, leaving the glorious founder in a place of power dear to his heart. In hindsight, it is clear that the switcheroo between Kaiser and Duke was planned in advance, but it is rumored that the new Kaiser has asked Duke Erik to try to continue some of his policies.