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Vena, more appropriately Nova Vena (Niu Vena in Gottlandic), is a large city in Mishalan, located in the foothills of Mount Octavian in central Benacia. The city was founded by Amokolia but has much older origins dating back to the Hegemony of Alexandros. It takes its name from the ancient Alexandrosian (Latin) word for "vein", a reference to the importance of mining in the area. Before the Amokolians helped modernize it into a city, Vena was a small village that served as a mining outpost for Alexandros and the multitude of other nations that eventually came to control the region. At one point the city was catastrophically destroyed, whereupon a new city was founded on the foundations of the old one, earning it the name of "Nova Vena". It was the Amokolians who were responsible for elevating the city from a village of muddy streets and shoddy buildings to a modern city with all the conveniences of urban planning. When Amokolia took over the area they also made it the capitol of the province of Gottland, a short-lived state that occupied much of the Transelwynn and Mishalan Valley. Under the communist government of Mishalan the city was made one of the major communes.