Vanic Law

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An age-old scroll with the Ancient Covenant between the Vanafolk and the Vanic Gods. The Ancient Covenant is one of the foremost parts of Vanic Law, in authority subject only to the Laws of the Vanir.

Vanic Law is the body of law, both temporal and spiritual, the Vanafolk adheres to. The exact composition of the aforesaid body of law differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Vanic Law in Elwynn

To the practitioners of the Froyalanish Ancient Ways the body of Vanic Law is composed, in descending order of authority, as follows:

  1. The Laws of the Vanir;
  2. The Ancient Covenant;
  3. Various other pactations and covenants with the Vanir Gods;
  4. The Vanafolk Maxims and the Twelve Vanic Values;
  5. The decrees, stipulations and ordinances issued by the Goddess Elwynn;
  6. The Concordat of Avaldsnes;
  7. Gyllmára Búllar and Lillja Búllar;
  8. Flóðbúllar and Turnbúlla‎‎r.

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