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Renowned as an odd land in a nation full of eccentrics, Lunaris has a rich tradition of western fantasy, lunacy, and artistic style.


Originally one half of Barony Lunaris, under Baroness Eriana Moon, it was later split into two Counties and became simply another Shireland when left without residents. Recently Upper and Lower Lunaris were re-united.

Order of The Vorpal Blade

Originally founded by H4773r 3lfs0n, the "Vorpal Order" is based in Lune Villa, or Wherever the Capitol of Barony Vorpmadal is at the time.

"There shall be three ranks.

Elder Gaurd- the highest rank of the Vorpal Order

Rook Sentry- the second highest rank of the Vorpal Order

Deziple ov teh Odd- the first rank of the Vorpal Order
(the only rank which may be granted to non-Vorpmadalians)

The Order of The Vorpal Blade is henceforth Charged with the protection of Vorpmadal, Its well being, and the preservation of its unique character, and, those of the Elder Gaurd are protectors of the Baron Himself."

Members include:

Elder Gaurd:
H4773r 3lfs0n (granted by Baron Benkern)
Cap'n Knappy
Baldwin Plantagene-Julii

Rook Sentry:
Eriana Moon

Deziple ov teh Odd:
Gman Russell
Rasmus Kongshøj (Regicollis)

-Return to Barony of Neurac , Brookshire

still being worked on.

by my h47!


H4773r 3lfs0n