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The Talenore Defense Force Navy is the naval warfare component of the Talenore Defense Force. It consists of two services, the Talenore Fleet Service and the Amphibious Corps.


Commissioned ships

Class Hull number Name Builder Note Status
Aurangzeb 011 HMTS Raynoria     Commissioned
012 HMTS Machinaria     Commissioned
De Drie Hertogdommen 013 HMTS Yardistan     Commissioned
014 HMTS Brookshire     Commissioned
015 HMTS Kildare     Commissioned
016 HMTS Amokolia     Under construction
Nuclear Submarines
Asleep 101 HMTS Deep Trouble     Commissioned
102 HMTS Wave Manifold     Commissioned
103 HMTS Much Rejoicing     Commissioned
104 HMTS Discontinuity     Commissioned
105 HMTS Unspeakable Horror     Commissioned
106 HMTS Gensym     Commissioned
107 HMTS Infinity     Under construction
108 HMTS Indefatigable     Under construction
Elwynn 201 HMTS Rutaus     Commissioned
202 HMTS Penryn     Commissioned
203 HMTS Segovia     Commissioned
204 HMTS Torat     Commissioned
205 HMTS Horjin     Commissioned
206 HMTS Alexandretta     Commissioned
207 HMTS Gatonia     Commissioned
208 HMTS Ankh     Commissioned
209 HMTS Kelbia     Commissioned
210 HMTS Musica     Under construction
211 HMTS Pasdaran     Cancelled
212 HMTS Tosha     Cancelled
Klimatariá 213 HMTS White Hill     Commissioned
214 HMTS Shotaki     Commissioned
215 HMTS Tosha     Commissioned
216 HMTS Pasdaran     Commissioned
Missile boats
Melusine 301 HMTS Archer     Commissioned
302 HMTS Smiter     Commissioned
303 HMTS Blazer     Commissioned
304 HMTS Pursuer     Commissioned
305 HMTS Dasher     Commissioned
306 HMTS Charger     Commissioned
307 HMTS Express     Commissioned
308 HMTS Tracker     Commissioned
309 HMTS Raider     Commissioned
310 HMTS Sabre     Commissioned
311 HMTS Scimitar     Commissioned
312 HMTS Rapier     Commissioned
313 HMTS Puncher     Commissioned
314 HMTS Hitter     Commissioned
315 HMTS Slapper     Commissioned
316 HMTS Spanker     Commissioned
317 HMTS Caner     Commissioned
318 HMTS Whipper     Commissioned
319 HMTS Crusher     Commissioned
320 HMTS Slipper     Commissioned
Diana 401 HMTS Iridescent Fulcrum     Commissioned
402 HMTS Tapped Prow     Commissioned
403 HMTS Confused Signaller     Commissioned
404 HMTS Intrepid Searcher     Commissioned
405 HMTS Regretful Mother     Commissioned
Support ships
Shuttle 501 HMTS Enterprise     Commissioned
502 HMTS Echo     Commissioned
503 HMTS Effective     Commissioned
504 HMTS Expedition     Commissioned
Former ships
Aircraft Carriers
Hover Kitty 010 HMTS Drums In The Deep     Transferred to Constancia together with the Naval Air Wing in 1670.

Future developments

The TDF Navy is actively searching for a new minesweeper class to replace the aging Diana class. An adapted version of the Elwynn class, which is based on the same hull design, is one of the leads. The other main lead is a new combined minesweeper and minehunter. The Navy is also actively looking for an amphibious assault class, as well as an anti-ship destroyer class.

In 1670 the Navy acquired four logistics support vessels, four corvettes, 20 missile boats and 100 S-2 missiles from the Constancian navy.


Unit Ship Note
1. Surface Warfare Squadron
11. Destroyer Division HMTS Raynoria  
HMTS Machinaria  
HMTS Yardistan