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The Universal Divine Faith of the Quintessences is the largest sect of Soloralism that survives today, with nearly 80% of all Soloralists being members of the Faith. It was founded in the year 519 ASC, (9542 AED) soon after the Microns had offically come out of solitude from the City of the Sun. It was the first refounding of the faith since the old days before the Eve of Destruction, when the Micron people had become secular during their Golden Age.


The events of the Dimensional World War led many Microns to return to their ancient faith, feeling that they had been confirmed by the actions of many that the quintessences and the gods of the past were real. After the microns had come out of hiding from the City of the Sun and settled within the island of Solaria, a female micron of the Lum'Eir clan by the name of Rai'Nil felt an irresistable urge to restart the faith of millenia ago. Feeling that this was divine intervention, she brought a crowd of curious microns with potential faith, and made a glorious speech now known as the "Rekindling of the Faith", that brought the microns of the crowd to offically refound Soloralism. The religion quickly spread throughout the micron populace in Solaria, and soon spread into the mainland of the Flying Islands of Jasonia. By the Dark One campaign, Soloralism became a sizable minority within the Flying Islands of Jasonia, both in Jasonia Proper and in its province of Tapfer. However, during the Dark One campaign, Soloralists (Especially Micron Soloralists) were explicitly percecuted and killed by Dark Bill, the possessed form of Bill Dusch. The religion then stopped spreading during the campaign, but found a resurgance after its end, as it became clear to many that the possession of Bill Dusch was real, and caused by Pure Evil.

As a result of the trade of peoples and culture in Kildare and Jasonia before the time of the downfall of Jasonia, many New Jasonians in Kildari Automatica converted to Soloralism, becoming a sizable minority within Southern Automatica. This would prove to be extremely important to the survival of Soloralism, for Soloralism would most likely not exist today if it was not for the Kildarians' willingness to preserve the religion.

Soloralism also became a minority religion within Treesia, and during the period of Tymaria, an alliance was formed between the Universal Divine Faith of the Quintessences and the Treesian Unorthodox Church, in which both would recongize the spiritual similarities between the two religions. This allaince eventually gave way once Menelmacar had appeared. With Menelmacar full of elves from a long slumber that rivaled the Microns in the City of the Sun, they had been slightly more spiritual than the microns of Elpidos in the old days. The new Soloralist faith quickly spread into the nation of Menelmacar, with even the Archon located in Ptia to declare Menelmacar a haven for Soloralists who felt that they were being percecuted.

And percecuted they were, and more, during the Purge of Non-Humans. Millions of Soloralists died in this horrible campaign by the Erudites of Tymaria, whose sole purpose was to eliminate non-human species from the face of the planet. The faith had been greatly crippled by this act, as well as the soon fall of Menelmacar. However, despite this decline, there are still many members of the Soloralist Faith in Kildare today, as well as in the Natopian islands of Ptia and Ferien.


Obviously, a large percentage of the members of the Soloralist faith are humans, being the dominant species on the planet. There are sizable micron and elven minorities within the church - almost all microns that exist today are part of the church, and a sizable majority of elves, especially survivors from Menelmacar, are part of the church as well. Although the elves tend to be practitioners of the Menelmacari sect and focus on the polytheistic side of the religion, they are still considered to be part of the church, as they still believe and focus on the dogma of Moral Relativity, rather than forsaking it altogether.


  • Archon: The divine ruler of the Faith - has control over the management, dogma, and teachings of the faith. A micron who has this position has the honorary "Qon".
  • Templar: Leader of a specific region of the world for the faith.
  • Cleric: A minion of a specific temple. May specialize to a particular quintesesnce or god.
  • Acolyte: Cleric-in-training.


The Universal Divine Faith of the Quintessences is part of the Balance sect, as opposed to the Bias sects of the past before the Eve of Destruction. Balance sects of Soloralism focus on the quintessential pluralism dogma, as opposed to the "Find your own path" dogma, and accomodate many different beliefs within the religion instead of specialization. While some clerics of the church may choose to specialize to a specific quintessence or god, the decrees by the Archons encourages members of the Faith, especially its Templars, to be non-specific and purely Balancist.

Areas that are filled with a plurity of Soloralists include Automatica, Blackrock, Audentia Nova, Gong Li, and other nearby Kildari locations. There are some Soloralists in the fomer Feanorian Isles, as well as the city of Ptia, which, while it is past its prime, is still the Holy City of Soloralism. The other Elpiferno Isles, including Ferien and the island that was formerly Micronia, has a Soloralist plurity too.

List of Archons

All dates are in ASC.

  • 519 - 653: Rai'Nil Lum'Qon (Female Micron)
  • 653 - 705: Tun'Pho Sar'Qon (Male Micron)
  • 705 - 742: Ellen Light (Female Human)
  • 742 - 790: Bill Dusch (Male Human)
  • 790 - 886: Air'Lav Lum'Qon (Female Micron)
  • 886 - 917: Gregory Tizan (Male Human)
  • 917 - 1009: Par'Sal Sar'Qon (Female Micron)
  • 1009 - 1081: Sel'Lor Lum'Qon (Male Micron)
  • 1081 - 1283: Vénea Lussataurë (Female Wood Elf)
  • 1283 - 1532: Quillan Umbarcotumo (Male High Elf)
  • 1532 - 1750: Sáre Laicatavas (Female Wood Elf)
  • 1750 - 1787: Robert Dusch (Male Human)
  • 1787 - 1824: April Sonos (Female Human)
  • 1824 - 1863: Peter Zidane (Male Human)
  • 1863 - 1954: Sai'Tin Sel'Qon (Female Micron)
  • 1954 - 2124: Carnilino Eruanúvanë (Male High Elf)
  • 2124 - 2189: Matthew Dejaso (Male Human)
  • 2189 - 2273: Hup'Tes Lum'Qon (Male Micron)
  • 2273 - Present: Lum'Kar Sar'Qon (Male Micron)