Soloralist Dogma

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By the definition of Soloralist Dogma, we mean the beliefs of Soloralism that the religion considers to be absolute truths. This does not include what is considered Soloralist Doctrine.

The Quintessences

There are six major quintessences, which are energies of the universe that guide all life. Within these six quintessences, there are three pairs; each individual quintessence has an opposite in the same pair. The quintessences of morality are Good and Evil. The quintessences of nature are Life and Death. The quintessences of the mind are Order and Chaos. As well, there are two more pairs of pseudo-quintessences; The pseudo-quintessences of existence are Time and Corruption. The pseudo-quintessences of Sapience are Knowledge and Faith.

Moral Relativity

Moral Relativity is viewed as real by acknowledgment of the existence of the quintessences. No quintessence is more powerful than another quintessence, or more important. Thus, the morals that would be derived from a quintessence are no more valid than other morals derived from other quintessences. The beliefs of sapients are all equally valid as determined by the way civilization and their own quintessential distribution has raised the sapients.

Quintessential Corruption

Corruption is defined as the abrupt change in quintessential distribution in either a sapient or in space. Corruption is a real concept in Soloralism, and is in fact a pseudo-quintessence. When there is a net disbalance of the universe's quintessences, corruption will increase. Corruption leads to the creation of Fate, the being that will restart the universe by annihilating it; all that had happened in the universe would be considered to have never happened, because the timeline is annihilated as well. Even the quintessences themselves are not immune to Fate, as all the quintessences and the gods themselves will be annihilated by Fate. Thus, quintessential corruption is regarded as a Soloralist analog of sin; corruption will only lead toward the inevitable end of the universe. ===Micras History=== For all intents and purposes, the "fictional history" regarding Soloralist lore is considered fact. The planet's name is Micras, there was an Eve of Destruction, and everything happened according to what Soloralism says it happened. Everything is accurate due to both time travel and time paradoxes, although there may be some bias because of first-person accounts. This is a sacred part of Soloralism,; to deny history is to deny Soloralism.