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This page is dedicated to the Small Commonwealth economy. Information and a (updated) list of services is available on this page. If you have a service to offer and aren't on the list, go ahead and add yourself (this page is editable by anyone).


The following is a list of people with skills in various services that may be useful for you to hire with your money, as well as the country they operate in.


Jonas (Shireroth, Nelaga) - any
Nathan (Shireroth, Natopia) - Paint images (high quality)
Leo (Shireroth) - fancy images, such as flags
Scott (Shireroth, Nelaga) - High quality images
Ísur-Ai (Shireroth) - Flags
Ardashir (Shireroth) - Paint images (particularly troops), Visio diagrams
Gerk (Gralus) - Paint Images


Andreas (Gralus, Shireroth, Nelaga) - Paint maps
Scott (Shireroth, Nelaga) - High quality maps
Jonas (Shireroth, Nelaga) - High quality maps
Ísur-Ai (Shireroth) - Standard maps
Erik (Shireroth) - Maps
Ardashir (Shireroth) - Paint maps
Anandja I (Shireorth) - Paint.NET maps


Jonas (Shireroth, Nelaga) - Any (including cartoons)
Fides (Gralus, Nelaga) - Any

3D Models

Fides (Gralus, Nelaga) - Any, but primarily buildings and military


Bayen (Gralus) - Lyrics
Andreas (Gralus, Shireroth, Nelaga) - Lyrics, Vocals
Kathbad (Gralus, Nelaga) - Music
Gerk (Gralus) - Whatever the hell you want


Ardashir (Shireroth) - Advice, Orbatting
Andreas (Gralus, Shireroth, Nelaga) - limited assistance
Nargoth (Gralus) - Advice, Orbatting, advanced technology (via the CAA)


Bayen (Gralus) - Items, Spells, Advice
Andreas (Gralus, Shireroth, Nelaga) - Items, Spells, Advice, assistance against magical foes
Nicholas (Gralus, Nelaga) - Magical Military


Bayen (Gralus) - Python
Ari (Shireroth) - any
Erik (Shireroth) - php
Corey (Shireroth) - C++, Python
Andreas (Gralus, Nelaga, Shireroth) - basic php

International Affairs

Andreas (Gralus, Shireroth, Nelaga) - Advice, Intelligence, Assessment
Scott (Shireroth, Nelaga) - Well reasoned advice

Legal Services

Andreas (Gralus, Shireroth, Nelaga) - Any
Fides (Gralus, Nelaga) - Legal Representation
Baachus (Shireroth) - Any
Anandja (Shireroth) - Any

Official Documents

Ardashir (Shireroth) - Any (high quality)

Will work for erb or beer

Ardashir (Shireroth)

Markets (contact places)

You can visit following forums to place an order.


The Small Commonwealth has a unified bank which member nations can join (or not). Each nation has it own currency, but the value is equal (only the quantity differs).