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Also known as Menet Skunk Ape, or Australopithicus Menetea. The Skunk Ape is approximately 2 meters in height and is estimated to average 125 kilograms in weight. Man-shaped, with a lumbering gait, it is said to resemble the Yeti of the Himalayas or the Bigfoot of the Columbia River basin of North America.

It's common name comes from the fact that most humans are unable to abide the creatures' stench, and so they have (for the most part) been left to themselves to roam the mountainous area of the Menet-Mattimeo border.

First communicated with by Capt. Geoffrey T. Spaulding. Spaulding tells of a village of the creatures, whom he claims to be a people. At least one Skunk Ape, named Bongo Bo, learned how to use a computer. The apes at one time worshipped a pole with the heads of Alan Grieve and Emperor Jacobus carved on opposite sides, Janus-like. The Apes soon learned the error in this.

The Apes were granted citizenship by the province of Menet shortly before the Third War for Cyberian Liberation, and many fought bravely for the province.

First described by Alan Grieve and first contacted by Peter Hickey, the skunk ape, along with some other mythical creatures features prominently in Jacobite and other Cyberian folklore.

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