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A Salb (Legion) is an organic combined armed formation composed of ten cohorts (3,600 men) that forms the fundamental building block of the Imperial Army.

As of the year 1657 AN the Imperial Army comprises of 100 legions plus the 8 "Scholae" legions of the Palatini Corps.

"Spear" units form the organic components of the standard salb (legion), which are organised into constituent cohorts, which themselves are composed of maniples. Lance units are organised into specialist corps comprised of independent vexillations, which are composed of squadrons. Ballista units are also organised into specialist corps consisting of independent divisions, which are composed of batteries.

Legions may be designated as Light or Heavy, depending on the level to which its cohorts are equipped and trained for mechanised and air-mobile armoured combat.

Maniples are named with the number of their cohort followed by "Hastati", "Principes", or "Triarii", thus the third maniple of the 1st Cohort is referred to as "1st Triarii" or 1T.

Conversely legionary infantry may also be used to support independent streïkrupp armoured formations according to operational needs.