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Olorix is a dominant figure in Antican politics and one of the famed ruling stock. He is one of the most powerful and influential politicians in Antican history and it seems that will not change in the near future. He is currently the head of the diplomatic corp, assisting in the writing of the law code, and former Chancellor. Olorix joined on the 16th of December, 2003 and has since made his mark on everything Antican. Although he has not fought in any of Antica's recwars, he has served as a powerful and incorruptable man in peacetime. He became Antica's first Chancellor and served in the office for several months. In January 2005, however, he decided to not run again, to give the "new blood" of Antica a better chance to run things. Even though he is not Chancellor, his high military rank signifies his ever-important status as an Antican citizen. His approval or dissaproval is many times quintessential in passing a bill. He is among the most important men in Antica currently. He never abuses his power, and has risen to such prominence quite stainlessly. He is considered by many to be an expert negotiator, an honorable compromiser, and an honest man. Currently his activities in the senate have been limited, as well as his ties to the [[Antican Capitalist Party]]. Additionally, he is a strong influence in the writing of the legal code. Olorix is derived from the Gaelic word for King, "Rix" and his first name. It is uncertain whether Olorix will reenter the race for Chancellor but as a man respected by all Anticans, any opponent will face a hard battle.