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Nona Vasilica, (born 1599), gender female. A notorious but politically astute officer of the Vigiles Arcani who has survived several scandals and changes in regime. Presently enduring a late career purgatory on account of the long memories of House Octavius for certain past misdemeanours.


  • 1621: Completed officer training appointed Midshipman in the Imperial Navy of Shireroth.
  • 1625: Appointed Sub-Lieutenant. Specialised as Information Warfare Officer.
  • 1629: Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned to role of Intelligence Specialist.
  • 1632: Transferred to S.W.O.R.D. Operational record classified.
  • 1636: Transferred to Rrakanychan Watch, ranked as Centurion - attached to Command Squadron, Intelligence Directorate.
  • 1642: Appointed Tribune on the staff of Cohort X731, Rrakanychan Watch.
  • 1643: Came to prominence for authoring a report providing a full chemical analysis of Idunn's Apple, pinpointing the Euran origin of opiates used in the formulation of the magic apples venerated by the Froyalanish for bestowing the sense of vitality and immortality so cherished by their culture.
  • 1644: Placed on detachment to the Chamber of the Crypteia at the request of Tokaray al-Osman. Ordered to investigate Project Phlegethon and return with samples. Escaped demotion or execution following the Oustfest Massacre by incriminating Ducissa Meng Po as a confederate of Tokaray al-Osman and Adam Ayreon-Kalirion.
  • 1646: Appointed Legatus Imperii, assigned to Kezan, oversaw Imperial participation in Project Phlegethon.
  • 1647: Assigned command of Vexillatio Hawshire-Kezan. Promoted to Brevet Ducissa and given command of the Kezanite Overseas Service Guards for the duration of Operation Hosea.
  • 1650: End of Operation Hosea, reverted back to rank of Legate. Reputation for over-familiarity with young and impressionable female service personnel has become a common topic of gossip amongst Imperial Forces garrisoned in MoMA Station Akis.
  • 1651: Demoted to the rank of angusticlavii for reported misconduct and irregularities concerning Project Phlegethon and the molestation of junior officers. Spared from worse fate by specific request of House Octavius that she be retained as a staff officer for new unit training, with no possibility to request a transfer. Following a review of her medical history she was also subjected to an anatomically thorough daemonic decontamination procedure, conducted on site in Kezan.
  • 1658: Assigned 2i/C of Logistics Squadron, IV Vexillation.
  • 1660: Assigned Troop Leader, Transportation Services Troop, Logistics Squadron, IV Vexillation.