Marriage of Mors and Viviantia

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Early on in the lives of Mors and Viviantia as gods, the two wed and had two children: Meskan and Semisa. After several hundred years of marriage and constantly fighting over matters of Life and Death, the two great gods decided they would be better off getting a divorce, much to the sadness of all. In recent times it has come to public attention through the Great Prophet Brrapa Lu'Eraro that the two gods have allowed love to overcome their differences and have rewed.

The following speech was delivered by the prophet Brrapa Lu'Eraro to the people of Shireroth. Here it is related by Erik Mortis.
The old prophet, dressed in grey walks up to the ramparts of the great City of Shirekeep. Stopping, he turns to the throngs of people below him and lifts his staff into the air. As he drops it to the stone of the rampart, the rains, which have been falling throughout the day suddenly cease. And he exclaims before the people of the City as the turn to see him "In the early days of the gods, there were but a handful. In these times, as it is to this day, there were two gods who's power was greater than all other, the eldest of the gods, the death god and life goddess, Mors and Viviantia. "These two gods were in these times lovers, and gave birth to the god of Enlightenment and goddess of Reincarnation. From their times as mortals through to their transcendence they where lovers, husband and wife. No god, mortal or deamon could separate them from each other. No force in the universe could hold sway over them. Except time.
"As time drew on, years became decades, Decades became centuries, centuries became millenia, the marriage weakened. Time, and the ultimate decay of all things in creation led to a drifting apart between the two. "Believing the politics of Life and Death would never permit them to stay together, with emotions raging, and tempers flaring, the two great and mighty gods divorced. Their marriage ended in fire! ...But their love burned on through the ages.
"Upon this day the sky is crying! The clouds are grey and dark and the sky's tears flow openly. But these are not tears of woe; They are tears of Joy! For upon this day, before the entire pantheon of the gods, the great and mighty lovers pronounced their undying lover for each other once again, and once again were wed. "All rejoice and celebrate this day, for it is indeed the day of loves, both known and unknown! Both romantic and fraternal! Let all those down cast, lacking of love, to look up and see the love of their brothers and sisters upon this world!
Let all lovers embrace and see what glory is the love of two hearts. Let all that quietly long for the love of another to go forth and pronounce their feelings! For even if unrequited, the best love is one that is known! "

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