Lake Christoph

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Lake Christoph is one of the largest lakes on Micras, and is found in West Apollonia.

Origins and Etymology

Lake Christoph was part of the first MCS-world map ever created, the pre-Society Map of the Union of Apollo States (modern-day Kildare). It was named for Evan von Christoph, the colourful Emperor of ancient Audentior. The lake was included in Series One and all later maps.


According to ancient Apollonian sources, the lake has two islands: Imran's Isle in the south (unoccupied) and Ultima in the north (occupied by Hyperborean colonists). Jutting into the middle of the lake is Paul's Peninsula, which separates the main lake from a smaller body of water commonly called Lake Laanen. The lake's major town, Christophia, sits on the entrance to the Antya River, and its major economic area is a platinum mine in the far north.


According to legend, the first settlement at Lake Christoph was an old Audente military base. It was later part of the Unorganized Territories of the Union of Apollo States. However, for the entire lifetime of the MCS, Lake Christoph has been part of Shireroth's Duchy of Kildare.