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Imperial Proclamations

Imperial Proclamations of official speaches or announcements made by the Kaiser. They have no legal weight and do not establish law. They are essecially glorified press-releases. On occastion this has been a confusing point. Proclamations are organized by the initial of the Kaisers name plus a numberic for the order that the proclamation was made in.

Imperial Proclamation G1: Khaz Modan.

(Note a proclamation is just a official stance by me, not an order) Be it proclaimed that the Imperial Republic of Shireroth does not recognize the soveignty of the Khaz Modan from Shireroth and the Duchy of Yardistan. The Khaz Modan shall remain a subdivition of the Duchy of Yardistan.

Kaiser Gaelen II

Proclamation L1

I'm not going to look up how many previous proclamations there have been, so let's just say this is my first one: Read This Thread

As Kaiser of Shireroth, I am making the following proclamations (note the spelling):

1. Shireroth does not recognize the so-called “Federal Free Republic” as an independent nation. Instead we recognize it as no more than a comprehensive alliance of immature pseudo-communists who would rather play war-monger than actually try and follow what they profess.

2. Shireroth no longer recognizes the legitimacy of the so-called Federal Free Republic. Instead, we hold the view that the areas of the Free Republic supposedly independent are legally Tymarian territory brutally occupied by a loose alliance of terrorists and guerillas.

Therefore, I have no choice but to ask the people of Shireroth to support any actions the Federal Government may take against the invaders. I am hereby announcing that we support the effort to defend our brothers in the true Free Republic entirely.

The Shireroth Militia is hereby put on DefCon2 (if that doesn’t exist, please make it up) in preparation for defense of our motherland and our friends.

I also ask that any offensive units of ours be moved to Jaris in preparation for an invasion of the revolting territories, should it come to that, which I sincerely hope it does not.

Los I

Proclamation L2

The Tymarian Defense Force needs members pretty badly. If you are in the Shirerothian militia but seek another military force to be in with an active organization and a mandate to defend Tymaria from invaders, I strongly recommend you join. The commander is, of course, our very own Duke of Lothlaria, Lord Raglan.

Please consider it. (this thread was inspired by the Baracaoans making fun of our military)

Kaiser Los I.

Proclamation L3: Landsraad Civility

The Landsraad is the highest legislative body of a serious and respectable country, not a debating society for maladjusted psychotic sociopaths.

I expect all nobles of Shireroth to show one another the respect they deserve. That means that all debates should be kept strictly political and with a minimum of name-calling, ad hominem attacks, and vitriol.

The Praetor has the authority to edit the posts of anyone who violates this rule, or to suspend them from the Landsraad if necessary.

This has not been a problem until this point, but I do want to make sure everyone understands it very clearly.

Los II

Proclamation L4: Historian

Shyriath Bukolos is Shireroth's official historian for the time being.

He is encouraged to do whatever history-related things he thinks might be interesting.

Los II

Proclamation L5: Fantasy

The Imperial government does not and will not condone fantasy elements, such as elves and dragons, as any part of Shireroth.

The government is to refrain from using these in any way.

Los II

Proclamation L5: Renaming

The University will remain John Metzler III University.

The Stadium/Hospital/Airport will be renovated into a Stadium/Hospital/Airport/Aquarium, and be rededicated in honor of Aurefiction Auraumbre.

Los II

Imperial Proclamation R1: Amity And Mirioth Vs. Elwynn

I am not pleased with how Elwynn has mistreated BAM under the rule of Los II, and since Los II took no actions about it I believe I shall.

I still hold the oppinion that Fatasy is seperate from the government, thus I make this a proclaimation.

Elwynn is to apologize to BAM for "nerve gassing" the barony. Elwynn should never again act against the Barony of Amity and Miroth. Should Elwynn act against BAM, this may become more than just a proclaimation, and Elwynn wouldn't like that....

Raynor XI,

Kaiser of Shireroth.

(9/12/04 1:37 pm)

Imperial Proclaimation R2: FHA Compliance Announcement

In one months time, roughly, I will be requiring that all subdivisions be compliant we the creation requirements for subdivisions as stated in the lawbook.

I will not disband ANY Duchies. But should a duchy not be compliant, it may have no baronies until it is compliant and despite the possible compliancy of the Barony.

It would please me if all subdivisions were compliant.

Raynor XI,

Kaiser of Shireroth.

(9/15/04 1:30 pm)

Imperial Proclamation R3:Apology to the People of Shireroth

I apologize to the people of Shireoth for my recent Actions. I can't say I've been using the best judgement in the last few days. In fact, looking back at it...I've been doing some pretty stupid shit. I know I can't really say much that will change people's minds about me. So, I'll just say what I have to say and let History judge my reign when it is over.

I should have never have allowed the rebellion of Alexandretta to continue and should have come to the aid of the Duke of Brookshire. By interfering I commited a grievioous blunder.

My first decree was an even greater mistake, it truely did reak of foulplay and abuse of my powers as Kaiser. This is why I revoked that decree, but my 2nd decree on the matter was not too incredably better. But at this point, there is not much I can do about it, Shyriath has assumed his position as Duke.

The flat out blunt reason I removed Rakesh, I didn't want him as a Duke any longer, let alone my duke. I was using the Rebellion as an excuse to remove him. If I wanted him removed, I shouldn't have tried to hide behind this.

Alex can take no blaim for the action taken in the past few days. She did not plan this rebellion with the help of myself or others. I assume sole blaim for any blaim that could be cast about for actions in the last few days.

Perhaps I was to used to NOT being Kaiser and felt I had to be sneaky and undrehanded to get what I wanted. Perhaps I was simply letting personal feelings get in the way of being a wise ruler. Or maybe I was just being plain dumb. Perhaps all of the above. I went into this reign knowing full well that I was going to anger people, unfortunitly I've angered those I don't wish to anger and those that I shouldn't anger.

So, I apologize to you all, even those I don't like. but what is done is done, Decree 128 will still stand. I can only hope my future actions as Kaiser can outweigh the blunders I have made in my first 2 weeks in the position. I have also been making the mistake of moving to slowly with some changes I have been trying to put in place, I wanted to pace myself, spread out my decrees, but this has just left the laws of the land in a state of limbo and ambiguity.

So you are about to see a flury of Decree today and tomarrow. I don't ask for your forgiveness about this matter, I just ask that you allow me to learn from my mistakes and give me the chance to redeam myself as Kaiser of Shireroth.

And once again, I am sorry for being a stupid fool.

Humbly, Raynor XI.

(9/17/04 1:55 pm)

Imperial Proclamation R4: LoA.

I'm going to take the next week or so off from micronations. I'll be back on err.. monday.

I've decided I wanna take a small break since I haven't done that in a while, I wanna play SimCity 4, (hehe) I have to work on a CS115 project due tuesday. and I need to rethink my plan of action for being Kaiser.

I haven't done it in such a long time for any consistant amount of time that I've accually almost forgoten how I used to do it... And It would appear I'm in one of my depresed, angry anti-social phases.. (it's like a period.. it comes once every 28 days.. but... not...)

So I'll be back in a week.. Shyriath's in charge.. he has the power of Decree and all that fun stuff as stated in the charter and Decreebook. And I reiterate he has my power of veto and may disband the Landsraad if it's needed.

Oh yeah.. and speaking of LAndsraad. Remember you first Manditory Recess is on the First of October.. I'll mention it again at some point...

Raynor XI,

Kaiser of Shireroth.

(9/21/04 5:09 pm)

Imperial Proclamation R5: Landsraad Archive Access

The Landsraad Archives were closed by Los II to reduce clutter or such.

I leave it up to the discretion of the Prætor whether they remain hidden. MiniInt will assist in the matter. I have no objection whatsoever to the archives being open.

Raynor XI,

Kaiser of Shireroth.

(9/27/04 1:38 pm)

Imperial Proclamation R6: Official Paper.

Since Shyriath updates more often than anyone.. I'm making the View from Benecia the officially recognized paper.

Kaiser Raynor XI of Shireroth

Heir to the Line of Raynor

(10/4/04 4:37 pm)

Imperial Proclaimation R7: Emmisaries.

Emmisaries MUST be from the subdivision they represent at all times.

It displeases me that someone believes that they can abuse this possible loophole. If I keep seeing this kinda loophole use, I may enact some Ex Post Facto laws concerning situations like this. It is my belief that by kicking Harvey out of Yardistan Nick removed Harvey's status as Emmisary of BAM, by voting Harvey was doing so illegaly, and as such until Greg votes himself or appoints a new Emmisary the votes cast on behalf of BAM are invalid.

The lawbook states that a Emmisary must be from the same fiefdom, with no implication of time. The spirit of the law was that at no time shall a emmisary be from outside the subdivision they are voting for.

Raynor XI,

Kaiser of Shireroth.

(10/14/04 17:21)

Imperial Proclamation R8: Leave of Absense.

Due to lack of sleep I can no longer comprehend anything more complex than err... stuff... And add on top of that the myriad of things I need to get done with RL, I will be taking up to 7 days LOA.

Shyriath is now Steward for 14 days. I have authorized him to finish the Prætor election. As I don't even remember when the election ends, he might not be available on that day, so I also give the Provost the authority to finish the election should Shyriath not be available on that day. He'll know if he will be or not...

I'll be back shortly when I get some of this work done.

Raynor XI,

Kaiser of Shireroth.

(10/20/04 15:44)

Imperial Proclamation W1

Let it be known that during my reign no case concerning the application of or punishment concerning religion, be it Boomism, Cedrism, or any other faith, shall be heard hither in this my Court.

Such concerns can and should be left to the specific religions. A case shall only be heard if, and only if, it hath bearing on the Laws of the Empire, or if it is an interpersonal dispute that hath no bearing on the faith it is involved with. Be it known, it is not my position nor is it the position of the government to affect religion in this nation in anyway.

Furthermore, blatantly frivolous suits are not welcome in my Court. This is not America; ye have better things to do with your time. Should the citizens abuse the ability to levy lawsuits, the privilage may be revoked.

Thus I have procaimed it.

Wylþeow du Grifos

The Kaiser of Shireroth

Steward Proclamation S1: Sprucing up the Kaisership

(Please note that I have reserved these things for a proclamation specifically to keep them out of being law... not being legally binding, everyone is free to ignore them or use them as they see fit. But as far as I can tell, there's nothing to stop me from making a proclamation about such things, and I've always wanted to, so here we go. )

For purposes of recwarring or roleplaying, to the extent that such does not conflict with existing Imperial Decrees, or simply for fun, there follows several recommendations for the sprucing up of the Kaisership;

note that although all titles are given in their male forms, each is meant to refer to either a male or a female.

1. Heirlooms a. The Kaiser shall have a crown, which shall be known as the Crown of Raynor, and which shall date from the reign of Raynor X.

b. The Kaiser shall have a scepter, which shall be known as the Rod of Unity. It dates from the foundation of Shireroth, when Brookshire and Goldshire were first united. A relatively simple baton of gold with a clear crystal set in its head, it has engraved upon it the name of Raynor M'Jiliad. It is somewhat fragile, so be careful when smiting people with it.

c. The Kaiser shall have a ring, which shall be known as the Ring of the Ly'Technomaezj; it was given to the Kaiser at the beginning of the Third Era. Made of gold, it is engraved with twisting, spiralling patterns and encrusted with blue and green gems. A creation of the Technomages, some say it is actually some sort of device, but no one has ever seen it used.

d. The Kaiser shall have a Sword of Vengeance, which shall be known as the Sword of Vengeance. We already know about this one, don't we?

e. The Kaiser shall have a throne, which shall be known as the Golden Mango Throne. The largest and most expensive of the heirlooms, this throne is actually mostly made up of a rare, reddish stone, into which has been carved reliefs depicting great events from Shireroth's past.

But the throne is heavily gilded, especially with designs involving the national fruit. It is uncertain when the throne was made, but it is believed to have commemorated Shirerithian victory over a particularly large and troublesome Yardistani rebellion.

f. The Kaiser shall have a pendant, which shall be effectively known as the Benacian Pendant, because it was part of the tribute first paid to the Kaiser by Benacia when it was incoporated into Shireroth. The pendant, which is on a silver chain, consists of a circle of worked benacium surrounding and holding a polished piece of amber. It posesses odd electromagnetic properties, although these seem to be of no practical use except for easing mild aches and pains.

2. Honors a. Acceptable ways of referring to the Kaiser or zir government in an oblique fashion shall be as 'the Crown', 'the Throne', or 'the Golden Mango Throne'.

b. There should be created a County of Shirekeep in Brookshire, consisting of that part of Brookshire between the branches of the Elwynn, surrounding and including the capital city.

c. The Count of Shirekeep should always be the Kaiser. This is not meant to subordinate the Kaiser to the Duke of Brookshire in any way, but to provide symbolic acknowledgement of the capital as the Kaiser's privileged domain. In zir capacity of ruler of the city and its environs, the Kaiser may be known as 'Count of Shirekeep' or 'Master of Shirekeep'; the two terms should be synonymous.

d. In times of special silliness, the Kaiser may also be referred to as 'Lizard-KING!'. (In the event of a Kaiseress, this would of course be 'Lizard-QUEEN!')

(Shyriath of Brookshire)

(9/24/04 11:34 am)

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