Imperial Proclamation Agni 2

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The movement of money For an economy to work, it is required that money be in movement. If money pools, it is not being used, and the economy stalls. The recent voting system in part helps to address this issue by encouraging the movement of money from dukes to the Imperial government, in turn requiring them to acquire money. But this only helps keep money moving in a select group of people at a single level of the nation. We must find ways in which to keep money moving at more levels, in every way possible.

The Failure of the Goods economy Most economic models used in micronations have been based on the concept of the movement of goods, just as in the real world. People pay others for goods and services rendered. However, in micronations, there are very few goods and services to be rendered. Many can provide for themselves those things they do desire, and there are little to no required goods. In the past we have tried to create simulations that required people to pay basic living expenses to "live". But these systems became bogged down in bookkeeping, disinterest and complexity. Many did not feel they should be required to pay simply to continue to exist in a nation.
With a lack of conventional goods, and no favorable implementation of basic needs, there has been no reason for money to flow.

Professions, Guilds and Organizations With the failure of goods based economies, we must look at other means by which to get money flowing. It is my conclusions that we cannot rely on any single methods. Goods will still exists in some small form, and help to move some small amount of money. People will still desire graphics, software, etc. But we must also find other means to get the money moving. To this end I support the development of specialized professions.
The Legal profession tried to create such a system here in Shireroth, but Loki III did a good job of killing off that plan. I would like to see that plan put back into action. Something such as a legal profession is not a "critical" part of the experience here, so making it required that a lawyer in the courts be licensed would not be that detrimental to the overall enjoyment of the nation. It would create a "need" but not one so pervasive as to be a threat to the enjoyment of the hobby.
Further, I would encourage the creation of more such licensed professions, guilds and organizations. Each would likely be unique in its approach, and thus I cannot outline them here. But the idea, I can put forward. We are already moving toward this system with the creation of the BAR and the licenses for selling recwar units. But we need to take it just a few steps further. We must find as many ways as possible to create licensing systems, but not so much that we detract from the fun and enjoyment of the nation.
I know here are some who will object to this idea on principle, but if we are to have an economy we must find ways to build it into the system. We must either make it part of Shireroth as a whole, or have it not at all.

I desire the Landsraad to change the current law concerning representation in Shireroth to require a person to either represent themselves in court, or to hire a licensed legal professional.
Then, let us find more professions to create and legitimize in our nation.

Kaiser Agni I,
95th Kaiser of Shireroth
Baron of Dolor and Count of Monty Crisco