Imperial Postal Service

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Imperial Postal Service
Active: Nomeziooqu 1651 AN - Present
Motto Make Haste
Allegiance: Shireroth

Type: Postal Service
Size: 1,700 personnel
Nickname: Lettermen

Provost of the Posts:
Severus Titus Alexander Mihail Plick

The Imperial Postal Service is responsible for the collection and deliverance of letters, parcels and telegrams in the Imperial Republic. The service was established by Severus Plick, an employee of the Office of Bounties and Factorage as a means to ensure the arrival of important documents from the Imperial Dominions in the West.

The "Recent Kaisers" series, issued by the IPS in Nomeziooqu 1651

Monitoring Office

The Monitoring Office, established in 1652, is responsible for monitoring all forms of communication passed through the networks controlled by the Imperial Postal Service for evidence of sedition, subversion by foreign powers, and politically or commercially sensitive information that may be of benefit to the Imperial Government and or its favoured partners.