Imperial Navy Cadet Force

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The Imperial Navy Cadet Force is a national youth organisation sponsored by the Ministry of Military Affairs and exists operationally as a branch of the Imperial Navy of Shireroth.

Imperial Navy Cadet Force
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Active: 6140 ASC - Present
In use by: Shireroth
Allegiance: Shireroth

Type: Cadet Force
  • 89,860 Cadets
  • 25,010 Instructors
  • 30,030 Volunteers
Nickname: None yet

Current Commander: Minister Thorgils Tarjeisson

Formation and Structure

The structure of the Imperial Cadet Force (INCF) is relatively streamlined into administrative divisions and operational legions. A legion will have at least three core regiments that pertain to its mission function as well as any additional squadrons or troops required to perform operationally. A legion on operations therefore is essentially a battle group.

In 1644, as the Imperial Republic prepared for the possibility of armed conflict, the INCF's manpower was mobilised to reinforce the front line strength of formations assigned to the Imperial Navy.

Structure of Units

The most typical variety of cadet units are structured as follows:

Type of Unit Division Legion Regiment Squadron Troop Section Fire Team
Contains 2–3 Legions 3–5 Regiments 5–7 Squadrons 3 Troops 3 Sections 2 Fire Teams 4 Individuals
Personnel 10,000 5,000 550–750 100 30 8–10 4
Commanded by Imperial Legate Legate of the Legion Lieutenant-Colonel Major Captain or Lieutenant Corporal Chosen Man

A Corps may be formed from two or more divisions, however they are not deemed necessary as permanent structures for a force of the size of the Imperial Cadets.

Table of Organisation