Imperial Decree 834

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With immediate effect, the following individuals are to be struck from the peerage of the realm and banished from the Imperial Dominons on pain of our manifest disapproval should they ever return:

Karyl Asparajuun, Viscount Minge,

Egill Brynjarsson, Viscount Snatch,

Dorian Oran, Viscount Kuder, (apparently a horse)

Aritin Lockhart, Viscount Quim,

Nic, Viscount Clunge,

Frederick, Viscount Clout,

Clarence, Viscount Potorro,

Theodore, Viscount Punani,

Thomas, Viscount Conejo,

Kathiros, Baron Waffle,

Arne Baskerlund, Baron Jute,

Yoshio Kawayama, Baron Nookie,

The vacant titles shall then be abolished.

This also applies to the immediate family, next of kin and descendants of the above named.

Decree to be revised into proper formatting later. Blessed be the name of the Sainted Drun.

/Squiggle DOMINUS